Friday, October 20, 2017

Harvey Clean-Up

Anyone who reads this has already heard our stories about the hurricane and our clean-up experiences, so I won't re-tell all of that here. Below are a few pictures though.

Kaylee and Russ with other Stake volunteers.
The work crew I was on, along with the homeowners we were helping.

Russ took the rest of the pictures. They don't really need captions. So much destroyed in these homes.

You can get an idea about how high the water was if you look at all the debris caught in the trees and even on the telephone wires.

One of the crews Russ and Kaylee were on, along with the homeowner.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Back to School 2017

Here are the First Day of School pictures from 2017 (on the L) and 2016. Guess they all grew a bit during the past year.

McKell is now in full-day Kindergarten at Bowen Elementary. I hesitated to send her this year since she literally turned 5 on the first day of school. She has adjusted pretty well to the rigorous schedule, and is making good progress academically. She frequently asks about when her next day off school is though. Her teacher, Mrs. Stanfield, has been at the school teaching Kinder for a few years now. 


Brenna is in 2nd Grade at Bowen Elementary. She continues to do exceptionally well in her reading and writing. She gets a bit frustrated with Math, but is able to be successful when she calms down and finds a little extra patience. She loves her teacher, Mrs. Wilder, who is in her 24th year of teaching (all at this school). Ashlyn also had Mrs. Wilder when she was in 1st grade. When Ashlyn saw the classroom was decorated in Harry Potter style she thought it wouldn't be too bad to return to Elementary School.


Ashlyn is in 5th grade and moved on from Elementary to Rayburn Intermediate School this year (5th & 6th grade). She has 6 different classes, of varying lengths. She has really connected with a few of her teachers, and is particularly enjoying her Kickstart (martial arts) class (PE credit). She gets a little overwhelmed with a big school filled with so many kids, but she is finding her way and doing well.


Kaylee is in 7th grade at Davila Middle School (7th & 8th grade). She is in her second year of the Inquire Program (specifically for high achievers). She thinks her teachers give way too much homework, but her Mom thinks part of the problem is her obsessive need to go the extra mile on all assigments. She has a great group of friends and is involved in NJHS and student council.


Monday, October 9, 2017


Our "baby" turned five on August 21st, which also happened to be the first day of school this year. So, she spent her special day at a "really, really, really, really, really, really, really looong" (her words) day of kindergarten.

We did some celebrating a few days early. Her birthday was Monday, but on Saturday she had her morning donut date with Russ. And that afternoon we all went to the movie theater to see Despicable Me 3.

Here she is with her Elena of Avalor cake.

McKell is definitely a little ray of sunshine in our home. She is generally so happy and easy going, and a favorite playmate for all the other girls. She keeps us laughing with her facial expressions and the adorable things she says.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Summer Vacation - Part 2 Utah

For this year's Walton Family Reunion we stayed at at HUGE, awesome, and kind of bizarre house in North Salt Lake. 

Everyone loved taking advantage of the enormous back porch.

A family of deer visited for quite a while one morning.

It's so fun to see how much our cousins have grown! 

Isaac and Eliza, the two youngest grandchildren, having fun together.

Jared is a good subject for tormenting.

The pool table was nearly always in use.

Our first formal activity was a tour of Mrs. Cavanaugh's chocolate factory.

Ashlyn was in heaven.

After the chocolate factory, Adam and Diana treated us to a taste testing activity. We tried various unexpected food combinations and then gave a thumbs up or thumbs down. The Oreo dipped in orange juice was almost universally enjoyed.

The Oreo combined with pickle was not.

Most of the adults went to the Salt Lake Temple to perform sealings for a group of our family names. And Nate took Rebecca and Kaylee to the baptistry (Kaylee's first trip!)

Clearly our group selfie skills could use some work!
It wouldn't be a Walton Reunion without board games!

Saturday we enjoyed our "Sing" movie party! Here's the group letting their inner animals come out.

The "I'm Still Standing" Jenga competition.

Name that singer!

Some of our singers were a little more embarassed than others.

Sunday morning we took a group to Temple Square to attend the Music & the Spoken Word broadcast. It was awesome.

And Sunday afternoon was filled with Pioneer Day activities. Grandma found all the hats and bonnets, and Rebecca made all the aprons, complete with pockets embroidered with each girl's initials. So cute!

Isaac was rocking the 'stache.

Activity 1: Making edible covered wagons.

Activity 2: Homemade rag dolls.

Activity 3: Milking "cows".

Our reunion also included a super cool family talent show where we enjoyed singing, dancing, skits, and splits. Thanks for another awesome reunion, Waltons!