Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Spring Break with Burnetts

We enjoyed an especially wonderful Spring Break this year, because Nana and Papa came to visit!

They flew to Texas Friday night and we met them in San Antonio (which is about 3 hours from our house in Bryan). 

We were glad they eventually found the right hotel. They just wanted to take the scenic route through downtown first. :)

Saturday morning we went over to the temple (the Houston temple was still closed for renovation following Hurricane Harvey). The girls got to play with Nana and Papa while Russ and I went inside the temple to participate in an endowment session.

We enjoyed a nice lunch after the temple then headed back downtown to show them the famous Riverwalk. 

Saturday night we drove back to Bryan and enjoyed the next several days just doing things at home and around town.

We got to celebrate Papa's birthday with him for the second year in a row. Lucky!

And the highlight of the week was a trip to the circus! It's hard to explain all the awesome and amazing acts we saw, but it was well worth our time and money, and we're already planning to return when the circus comes back next year!

When they visited last year Kaylee got to do a refinishing project with Nana, and this year it was Ashlyn's turn. They had fun re-painting the bedside table from Ashlyn's room.

We're always glad for visits from family members, and wish we could all spend time together more often!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away

I've been telling Russ since about the time we got married that I wanted to go on a cruise together some day. Well, that day came! We were able to enjoy a 4-day Carnival cruise out of Galveston, with a shore day in Cozumel, Mexico. 

We weren't in love with the boat itself, because so many of the activities offered dealt with alcohol, gambling, loud music, and partying. None of those things appeal to us. We are in love with one another though, so we enjoyed the time together. We played a lot of board games and watched a lot of movies, and made some great memories.

So, here are bunches of pictures. I'm too lazy to put them in any sort of order though!

First meal on the boat. We tried out the BBQ place. It was fine, but not amazing enough for us to return.

This was also the only time we tried out the 24-hour pizza place. (Isn't Russ a cutie though?)

This was the view from our balcony for about 75% of the trip. 
I don't remember what this dessert was called, but it looked really cool (and tasted just OK). 

Breakfast from the buffet.

The hands-down highlight of the trip was snorkeling. The shore excursion we had originally chosen was cancelled, so we picked this one at the last minute, but LOVED it and had no regrets. We're already looking into options to take the kids snorkeling some time. 

Russ had so much fun driving around the island in this beach buggy.

Our view as we drove around the rim of Cozumel.

Lunchtime entertainment on Cozumel. I couldn't believe how many gold teeth these guys had between them!

Russ's first professional massage. 

Breakfast appetizer. All the other ladies at our table were worried that I was some health nut (luckily that myth was dispelled when I ordered some french toast encrusted in Frosted Flakes for my entree).

Towel animals are one of the best things about cruising.

The wind was a little too strong for a good game of mini golf.

Russ thought it was funny that they put grapes in the centers of the grapefruit.

This was our favorite table in the buffet area. We ate all our buffet meals here, and also returned at least once a day to play games.

Elegant evening in the dining room.

This Strawberry Bisque was my favorite thing I ate on the trip.

There have to be lots of food pictures from a cruise, right?

Our awesome Cozumel tour guides. Israel was so funny!

Happy faces just after the snorkeling.

Mexican lunch

Russ with his massager . . . I mean masseuse . . . actually I have no idea how to spell that.

View of Cozumel from the boat.

Here's that Frosted Flakes french toast.

Funny that the Chocolate Buffet sign was carved into a fruit.

This orange sauce that was at the Chocolate Buffet was probably my second favorite thing I ate.

More fun and games.

Last meal. :(

We were shoved onto an elevator when we first got on the boat, but after that we took the stairs everywhere we went. Russ was impressed I was willing to keep with our little goal when we came back from the shore day and had to go from deck ZERO up to deck ELEVEN.
We had a lovely trip, and Russ is already asking when our next vacation will be. :) 
(Many thanks to my parents for coming out to watch the girls for us!!!)